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Headquartered in Australia and focused exclusively on the Asia Pacific, Novotech is internationally recognized as a leading regional full service CRO. With the increasing pace of globalisation in drug development, Novotech’s expertise in the vibrant and fast growing Asian region has been instrumental in the success of hundreds of phase I-IV clinical trials from Australia to India.

Planning and the right resources make all the difference! As the largest Australia based CRO, our highly experienced workforce of 200 professionals, based in 8 countries and 15 locations across the region provide access to patients from a population base of over 3 billion people. This breadth of reach, supported by the most sophisticated market data commercially available, enables us to conduct extremely thorough feasibility assessments for almost any study.

Our success comes not only from the quality of staff we attract, but also from the state-of-the-art technology we employ in all our services, as well as an ISO 9001 certified work environment. More than anything, our deep commitment to the success of projects we are entrusted to manage makes Novotech the perfect CRO solution to drug developers interested in Australia, New Zealand or Asia.

Please feel free to peruse our services, and request more detailed information via our contacts page.

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